p1440 encourages all to live every minute of the day with purpose - all 1,440 of them

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Beach Volleyball + Health & Wellness + Entertainment

p1440 Event Series

The p1440 event series is a health & wellness and lifestyle festival centered around professional beach volleyball tournaments that showcase the best men’s and women’s volleyball athletes from around the world.

Previously, our apparel and gear has been exclusively available at our live events; however, now it’s accessible every minute, every day to everyone around the globe! Whether you’re a fan, athlete, life-enthusiast or seeking some inspiration, our mission is to support you in living every minute—all 1,440 of them with purpose.

There’s something for everyone at the p1440 store. Get ready to rock the 1440 lifestyle anywhere you go! Root for your favorite athlete, join the p1440 movement, and become a part of our family today!


Beach Volleyball + Health & Wellness + Entertainment

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